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International Awareness & Involvement

Participation in International Projects provides a means for Deltas to aid in developing nations in a small, but tangible way. The sorority also aligns herself with many other organizations in striving to promote peace and world fellowship.

Recently, a Past President of the National Medical Association, a soror, Dr. Edith Irby Jones, recommended that Haiti be targeted to receive aid. Deltas worked collaboratively with Africare, assisting where our projects will have the most impact. One project is the building of water wells which enables towns and villages to have water to drink and to grow food.

Portland Alumnae Chapter has addressed past and current issues of International Awareness and Involvement through the following projects/programs and activities:

  • Together with Toy and Joy Makers of Vancouver, WA, arranged a performance and reception for the Zimbabwe Dancers, while in Portland on a national tour

  • Purchased quilt squares in support of African women’s economic independence

  • Haiti earthquake relief - community run and support for purchase of tents following Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake

  • Impact Day of Service - 2011: For Colored Girls (co-sponsor with Multnomah Co & Cascade AIDS Program)

  • HIV/AIDS in Africa and International Day of Service

  • “Change for Change” - Funds collected and submitted to Grand Chapter for support for schools in Africa

  • Fundraising for clean water for Africa - contributions submitted to Grand Chapter for Water Wells

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