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Delta DEARS (Dedicated - Energetic - Active - Respected Sorors) are members of our illustrious sisterhood who have reached the golden age of 62 years. Dedicated to upholding the ideals and traditions of our glorious Sorority, PAC Delta DEARS continuously set a standard of excellence in sisterhood, scholarship and service. We honor and treasure our Delta DEARS because of their grace, wisdom, integrity, fortitude, and commitment.
As a chapter, we pay special tribute to our Delta DEARS through special activities such as the annual Delta DEARS Tea and Delta DEARS Monthly Spotlight.

June 2021 Spotlights


Soror Linda Scott exemplifies our faith-filled jewel COURTESY. Soror Scott shys away from the spotlight but has accomplished much. She became a Golden Life member of DST after being initiated in April of 1987 in the Portland Alumnae chapter.


Soror Scott completed her college career at Portland State University with honors; all while working as a Judicial Assistant for Judge Mercedes F. Deiz, the only African-American female judge at that time (1973-1987).


She’s served on many boards and committees for Delta and the community. After retiring in 2003 from the Bureau of Water Works as a Principal Financial Analyst, she continued to do community service which she noted as one of her most favorite activities.


Soror Scott has been married to her husband, Kenneth, for 47 years and has raised two sons. She has six grandchildren and three great-granddaughters. After many years of traveling all over the world and holding season tickets to Blazer games, she continues to enjoy her family who are her priority.


A dedicated member since 2005, Soror Jean Loomis personifies the supreme jewel DEDICATION. Soror Loomis, a spirited Dear with lots of energy, ideas, and charisma was initiated into the Portland Alumnae chapter. She is the immediate past President and currently the Oregon State Coordinator for the Farwest Region.


Soror Loomis is the soror you can count on to be present, ready, and prepared. Like a true Dear, she is a hard worker and continues to be active in many committees including the Delta Dear Tea and Scholarship committees. Under various positions, she has also assisted with membership intake for both Portland Alumnae and Beta Psi.


Soror Loomis enjoys being retired from the military and loves to travel. She’s visited Europe, where her husband hails from, Asia, and many parts of the great USA (to name a few). Pre-pandemic, you could find her at all the various Delta conventions, conferences, and trainings across the country.


Recently, Soror Loomis adopted a poodle named Sir Isaac Newton Loomis and spends her free time spoiling him rotten. Even though Newton graduated from doggy school, I suspect she still bribes him with his favorite chicken treats. Thank you for your service Soror Loomis!


Soror Marian Gilmore is the epitome of our treasured jewel TEMPERANCE. Since being initiated in April of 1964 into the Beta Psi chapter of our beloved sorority, she has always demonstrated a balance of emotion and reason in body and spirit.


Always an active member of DST, Soror Gilmore is a charter member of Portland Alumnae and played an important role in the groundbreaking of June Key Delta Community Center. Over the years, she has been president for both Beta Psi and Portland Alumnae chapters. She keeps the sorority grounded in history; chairing the Heritage and Archives committee and is an active board member for Piedmont Rose Connection among other committee responsibilities.


Soror Gilmore retired in 2009 from the State of Washington, Division of Children and Family Services as Area Administrator. She loves to travel and noted that her favorite road trip was driving to the Oregon Coast and the most interesting road trip was to Orca Island. Pre-pandemic, she enjoyed spending time with family at their annual family reunion. Today, she enjoys gardening and knitting. The sorority is blessed to have Soror Gilmore as a member.


Born on the celebrated holiday, Juneteenth, Soror Lesley Unthank represents our cherished jewel, FIDELITY. Soror Unthank became a member of our illustrious sorority in April of 1964. She was initiated into the Beta Psi chapter and later became a charter member; chartering the Portland Alumnae chapter in 1981.


Soror Unthank graduated from Marylhurst College with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design, then went on to receive her Master’s in Social Work from Portland State University. She’s worn many career hats, but mostly worked as a Social Worker for the Portland Public Schools and a Case Manager for senior adults with the Urban League of Portland.


Steadfast in her dedication to Delta and the Portland community, she’s been an active member of Portland Alumnae for many years. She’s held many leadership positions within the chapter including Vice President and collegiate advisor. She continues to chair, assist, and volunteer with many of PAC’s committees as well as being a volunteer for SMART (Start Making a Reader Today).


Today, Soror Unthank enjoys painting, calligraphy, and creating word art. She’s sewn and made cabbage babies and would tell you that she has lots of UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) that keeps her busy.

Previous Spotlights


Representing our cherished jewel HONESTY, Soror Aletha Chavis has been a member of our sisterhood since December 1950. She was one of three women initiated from Beta Psi’s first rush party.


Staying true to service, Soror Chavis served as President and Treasurer of Portland Alumnae as well as assisting on various committees. She volunteered for 25 years at the Oregon Convention Center providing visitor information and worked several years as a Step on the Bus Guide for the city, Mt St. Helens, and the Pacific Coast.


After teaching in six different cities and wearing many academic hats like Vice Principal, Soror Chavis retired from Education. She enjoyed many years of travel and sang with several Barbershop quartets. Today, Soror Chavis enjoys reading and staying current with world news. More importantly, our beautiful soror will be 90 this June 2021. Soror Chavis, your sorors of Portland Alumnae Chapter celebrate you and bless you with continued good health, prosperity, and love!


JUSTICE is our steadfast jewel that represents equality for all. Soror Bobbie Dore Foster demonstrates justice everyday through her journalistic integrity. Always keeping us abreast of the latest news affecting our urban communities, Soror Foster is the Editor and Co-Founder of The Skanner News Group which is an African American newspaper with offices in Portland and Seattle.

Initiated into the Portland Alumnae Chapter in 1992, Soror Foster is an active member serving on many committees currently and over the years. She has organized and attended Delta Days at the State and Nation’s Capitols where she continued to support fairness for all people.


Although Soror Foster was valedictorian and graduated with honors from the University of Portland, in fourth grade she had aspirations of becoming an actress. She recalls classmates being quite humored by her acting dream, but today, she still loves the theater. Soror Foster’s favorite board she participated as a member was the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Board. Today, she continues to enjoy the arts and spends her time reading and listening to music.


Soror Donna J. Harris represents our beloved jewel COMPASSION. She was initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Portland Alumnae Chapter in 1981. She hails from New Orleans, Louisiana and is the second oldest of 10 children. Soror Harris is a graduate of Portland State University and has been very happily married to Antonio Harris for 36 years. A beautiful blended family makes them the proud parents of 4 daughters, Karis, Joy, Janielle and Regina along with 8 grandchildren.


Soror Harris is retired after a successful and impressive career as a Systems Engineer at IBM and a Systems Analyst at Xerox Corporation. In her second career, she shared her talent, expertise and heart for giving back while employed in Development at both the United Way of the Columbia Willamette and Self Enhancement, Inc. An entrepreneur, she started her own catering business, finally retiring but still continuing to sell her famous peanut brittle!


Soror Harris is a true Southern lady who has never met a stranger! Her happy places and times are spent volunteering in the community, cooking for family and friends, traveling and enjoying the treasured grandchildren!


Soror Marian DeBardelaben is following in the social actions footsteps of Soror Pauline Bradford with her involvement in Portland’s city government. She is currently on the board of the Downtown Neighborhood Association and the land use and transportation committee.

She is active on 3 projects and is working to preserve the South Park Block (near the Art Museum) as well as addressing air pollution generated by the diesel fuels used at construction sites. She follows the effects on the quality of life for those living and working in the downtown area as a result of the pollutants.

Her work on PAC’s Nominating Committee has kept her busy for months, so for fun and relaxation it’s great to unwind with a good book. She’s doing more of that. She also enjoys Zoom time with friends and family and sending lots of cards.


Soror DeBardelaben is the Jewel: COMPASSION


In true Delta spirit Soror Patricia Dickerson is meeting the pandemic head on and managing to make life sweet in her own special way. Her
commitment to community service hasn’t slowed a bit or skipped a beat. Currently she’s actively involved in a major building project for her church (she did not learn her lesson after JKDCC).


Soror Dickerson serves the chapter as much as the community and is active on several committees: Housing, International Awareness and
Involvement, Physical and Mental Health AND Audit. She misses attending functions w/Deltas such as AARP and the HIV Center and looks forward to doing that again.


Over the past year she has celebrated 50 years in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., tried gardening (the tomatoes and cucumbers survived) but, the “crowning glory” was being blessed with grandson. He’s 7 months old and she gets to see him weekly. He makes life fun!


Soror Dickerson is the Jewel: FIDELITY


Soror Carolyn Richardson has used some of her post-retirement/pandemic time to relax and refresh herself after the loss of a dear family member. The pandemic has provided time for her to learn and perform historical family research. She joined the local Genealogy Association and her focus is on identifying the best resources to obtain African American family history.


This year she has a renewed interest in DST Social Action. She represented PAC at Delta Days in the Nation’s Capital in 2018 when we could actually travel. She met with Oregon’s representatives to highlight DST’s national agenda and express local concerns. This year she attended Delta Days at the United Nations virtually. She was inspired by the work done by the international chapters, they’re small but their accomplishments are mighty!


Soror Richardson is the Jewel: COURTESY


PAC may not have a medical doctor in the house, but we certainly have a HEAD NURSE! Soror Francetta Cross' nurturing spirit has been a blessing to our chapter for more years than we can count.


Our chapter "Head Nurse" has served us on several committees, but her work with Physical and Mental Health has always kept us informed on ways to live better, more enjoyable lives.  She serves us and the community by spearheading our successful annual Charles Drew Blood Drives. 


These days Soror Cross spends her time chilling and relaxing at home, staying safe in COVID times. She works outside in her yard and explores new Chinese food recipes. Soror Cross is our Jewel HONESTY; exemplifying peace within her and earning the trust of others.


Soror D'Norgia Price is one of our chapter’s finest poets and the author of several published books: String Beans & Candy Canes, If by Chance and Seedlings. Soror Price has been keeping herself busy by writing and doing virtual classes on how to publish books. Her newest book of poetry, Dangling Threads, is available now on Amazon.


In addition to writing, Soror Price still works with non-profit organizations and assists them with grant writing.  Her much-needed skill is a great benefit for many in our community. One thing sure to bring a smile to Soror Price's face is spending time with her grandson.  She's also planning another virtual class on publishing in May 2021.


Soror Price personifies the jewel JUSTICE.  She walks righteously in the community and exhibits goodwill towards others. She speaks truth to power.


Delta Dear Patricia Warren is a woman of many talents and interests. From online marketing to being a Zone Director for Women's Ministries at Mt.Olivet, Soror Warren is staying active with her family and community.


Soror Warren is enjoying retirement, after 25 years with U.S. West Communications, and being able to pick and choose projects. She enjoys her time spent babysitting her 4-year-old granddaughter and has a clothes closet for the homeless and anyone in need.


Soror Warren has an adventurous spirit and would like to hang glide and parasail OR snorkel in Maui and Safari in Kenya. She sings, plays piano and bakes the "old-fashioned" way.


Soror Warren has all the qualities of the jewel PURITY.  Her life is based on spiritual principles and she is holding the torch as she walks in righteousness and lives a good life.


Courtesy is the second jewel of our beloved Sigma, and it is fitting that Soror Beverly Gay is honored in our second month of Spotlighted Sorors. Like COURTESY, Soror Gay is more than polite and civil. She always gives more than what is asked and is all this jewel embodies.


Soror Gay worked as a Forensic Certifying Scientist in Toxicology, bringing her vast knowledge of pharmacology, biology, and forensic science to the laboratory environment for 30 years. She helped law enforcement agencies, rehab programs, and hospitals better understand drug addiction and the interaction of both prescription medications and drugs of abuse. 


Soror Gay is very active in the St. Andrew Catholic Church community. During these Covid-restricted times, she is helping keep the community together by recently filming one of the readings for the congregation for Sunday service shown on YouTube.


Becoming a Delta in 2014 with Portland Alumnae has given her the opportunity to share her vast scientific knowledge through the Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy. Known by her Line Sisters as Sankofa, Soror Gay has a deep love of the arts as well. She is known for designing centerpieces and sending cards to chapter members for various occasions as Hospitality Chair.  Since joining Delta, she has remained highly active, serving as Chair on several committees and on the Executive Board as Chaplain.


Soror Daisy Santos can lift your spirits in many ways. She's funny and has a great sense of humor.  Just ask her about her 1st car, a blue Maverick, that she had shipped from Okinawa with the "holey" floorboard for verification.


Soror Santos Always knew she wanted to be in the ministry. A scholarship she received from PAC helped her on her journey to obtaining a degree in Ministry from Western Seminary. Soror Santos retired in 2020 from NW Natural. Her plans were to minister and she was ordained in 2019. She is currently the director of instruction for Mt. Olivet Baptist Church and is setting up virtual and online courses for their members to stay informed and engaged. That's especially needed during this time of Covid. In addition to being busy with instruction, Soror Santos also delivered the 2020 Mothers Day message at Mt. Olivet. Most recently she delivered the Christmas message at her mother's church in New York.


Soror Santos is the jewel FELLOWSHIP incarnate. Her spirit is joyous and her love envelopes all she meets. She's what sisterhood is in human form.


There is much to say about this Delta Dear powerhouse, Soror Lela Triplett-Roberts. Small in stature, big at heart, she exemplifies our jewel DEDICATION.

A pillar in Portland’s community for well over 30 years, she continues to educate, organize, and feed young minds. Soror Triplett-Roberts is a retired Portland Public School educator. Her career spanned from being an English teacher to Vice Principal and Principal throughout the school district. Dedicated to education, after retirement she helped to open a non-profit Catholic middle school for students living in poverty. Soror Triplett-Roberts prepares over 300 lunches and dinners a week to feed the families at St. Andrew Nativity School.

Proudly becoming a Delta in 1981, she continues to demonstrate her dedication to our beloved sorority by wearing many hats for the Portland Alumnae Chapter. She is our Recording Secretary and is a member of several committees including the Scholarship and Internal Audit committees, to name a few. Soror Triplett-Roberts is a dedicated soror, beloved family, and friend we can always count on.


A consummate reminder of class and poise, Soror Velma Johnson symbolizes our jewel TEMPERANCE. Joining Delta in 1974, she has always demonstrated a firm balance of body, spirit, and decorum.

Soror Johnson has been a leader in education for over 30 years. As President and Co-Owner of Teachable Moments, LLC, she provided professional development and teacher preparedness programs to assist local schools, universities, and government agencies with
implementing culturally responsive practices. As a board member of Young Audiences, an Oregon and SW Washington organization that encourages youths to use the arts to broaden their learning, she continues to inspire young people to dream and achieve.


Personifying Temperance, she is an active member of Portland Alumnae, chairing the Nominating Committee and assisting on several other committees such as the Scholarship and PAC’s 40th Anniversary. Dr. Velma Johnson is an inspiring soror, beloved family, and friend we can always learn from.

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